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TU bill weakens our ability to protect people at work - that’s why we have to fight it

19 February 2016: Even when you don’t need to call on the union, it helps if people know you can and will.

#heartunions week of action - members stories

14 February 2016: Why our members heart the NUJ.

There is (still) power in a union - #heartunions

14 February 2016: Phil Turner got his job back as a result of NUJ campaigning and solidarity last year. He calls for campaigns for better wages and conditions alongside demands for social justice.

When Cameron talks about 'reforming' union laws, he’s gazing longingly at Qatar & Iran - #heartunions

13 February 2016: It is crucial people recognize that union membership is more than just about what you can get out of it.

Trade unions are the opposite of the caricatures peddled by politicians - #heartunions

12 February 2016: Barbara Gunnell argues that having a union agreement in a workplace improves relationships at work.

Volunteering to help an NUJ member is hugely rewarding - #heartunions

11 February 2016: Andy Smith joined the NUJ the same year Margaret Thatcher resigned as Prime Minister and he believes the 2016 trade union bill represents attitudes formed back then.

The NUJ is the bulwark, challenging those who threaten our freedom to report on the world - #heartunions

10 February 2016: James Doherty explains the NUJ is the home for writers, broadcasters, photographers, PR professionals and those involved in editorial content.

We're ordinary workers who are all too often the last defenders of simple dignity & fairness - #heartunions

9 February 2016: Irish News chapel rep Bimpe Archer believes our greatest weapon is our solidarity and organisation.

Journalists need to work together to improve working conditions - #heartunions

9 February 2016: Chris Frost explains how it’s been tough watching employers and government play on the legitimate fears of journalists but if we can persuade more people to join and build strong chapels, they'd feel more secure and happier at work.

The bill threatens not just rights & traditions in trade unionism, it is a threat to good journalism - #heartunions

8 February 2016: Pete's essentials for the job when he started work were shorthand, touch typing, microphone techniques and an NUJ membership card.

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