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TUC Education: Going Global: Trade Unions and International Development (online course)

9 August 2013: The course explains key issues such as development, poverty, free trade and labour migration.

TUC Education: Introduction to Pensions (online course)

9 August 2013: This course trains reps who will be active in their workplaces in helping colleagues understand the different aspects of pensions, how much they are likely to get in retirement and what they can do to improve their situation.

TUC Education: Trade Unions and the Environment (online course)

9 August 2013: This course is for union reps who may have an environmental role in the workplace, are thinking about how union representation should be organised in the workplace and would find a general awareness of environmental issues useful.

The Real Cost of Privatisation – TUC Congress fringe meeting

2 August 2013: The Real Cost of Privatisation is the Trade Union Coordinating Group evening fringe meeting at TUC Congress.

Austerity Post 2015 – What's the Alternative? TUC Congress 2013 fringe meeting

1 August 2013: The lunchtime meeting: Austerity Post 2015 – What's the Alternative? is one of two fringe meetings at Congress organised by the Trade Union Coordinating Group.

NUJ supports TUC's Campaign Bus tour against austerity

11 June 2013: The NUJ is supporting the TUC's campaign against the failed policy of austerity.

IFJ Congress: Pay rises are the route from austerity

5 June 2013: "Give Britain a pay rise," said Frances O'Grady, TUC general secretary, at the International Federation of Journalists pre-Congress session Decent Jobs, Not Austerity in Dublin.

Leading the Global Fightback: IFJ World Congress, Dublin

3 June 2013: Safety of journalists, austerity economics, the media's portrayal of women, defending authors' rights and building the strength of unions are all topics to be addressed.

Decent jobs, not austerity

29 May 2013: The disastrous impact of austerity measures on employment standards will be the focus of a major pre-congress seminar in Dublin Castle.

Young members report back from TUC conference

18 April 2013: The Young Workers Conference is a meeting of young trade unionists that advises the TUC General Council on issues that affect young people at work.

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