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Advanced Negotiations training

7 December 2012: A course for those who have completed all three stages of the officer training, as well as experienced reps to sharpen their skills.

Developing age related policy

7 December 2012: Online learning course to learn about the workplace issues facing older workers and how to address them.

Personal needs in times of change

7 December 2012: Online course focussing on personal needs of workers.

Stage 1 officers training (May, London)

7 December 2012: This course is designed to develop the key skills and knowledge associated with being an effective and confident NUJ representative.

Stage 2 officers training (June, London)

7 December 2012: For NUJ reps who have completed Stage 1 officers training.

Stage 3 officers training (May, London)

7 December 2012: This course is for reps who have completed stages 1 and 2 officers training.

NUJ calls for NAMA to be covered by Freedom of Information

20 October 2010: The Irish Secretary of the NUJ has called for the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) to be covered by the Freedom of Information law.

NUJ wins award for freelance training

26 March 2010: The NUJ's innovative work in learning and training has been recognised with a Union Learning Fund award for a project it helped pioneer to help freelance workers in the media and entertainment industries.

Unions help businesses recover from recession

16 March 2010: Trade unions are helping workers and their industries recover from the recession, according to a report published by the TUC.

Police 'lack of leadership' at G20 demo criticised

29 June 2009: A UK parliamentary committee has criticised 'a lack of leadership' in how the police dealt with the media at the G20 demonstrations in London earlier this year.

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