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How to use Google tools as a journalist

29 February 2016: The NUJ's event with the Google News Lab looked at how journalists can make use of the search engine's tools. Videos of the sessions are now available to members.

How to launch your career in the media industry: event report

3 February 2016: This NUJ event brought together experts in the field to give students and young journalists vital tips on how to get a foothold in the media industry.

Digital journalism skills workshop

27 January 2016: Experts lead workshops sharing techniques and concepts of 21st century journalism and personal branding

Get it in writing....and always ask for more

25 January 2016: The NUJ's conference for freelances offered excellent advice and practical sessions to improve skills and boost confidence.

Adding PR to your portfolio, training April 2016

17 December 2015: This course will teach you to use your journalistic skills to deliver professional PR.

Boosting your income with book publishing, training May 2016

17 December 2015: This two-day course guides you step-by-step through the stages to publication, beginning with finding the right project, the best route to publication and how to market your book.

How to boost your Income, training April 2016

17 December 2015: Unsure of your skills and opportunities? Don’t know where or how to make a start? This course will get your ideas rolling.

Mobile journalism, training April 2016

17 December 2015: This one-day course will teach you how to record audio, shoot video and edit using your iPhone.

Getting started as a freelance, April 2016

16 December 2015: Ideal for those just turning freelance, or thinking about it.

Pitch and Deal, training May 2016

16 December 2015: This one-day training course will show you how to pitch your ideas to editors and make a sale.

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