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Resist the raid on trade union finances

18 October 2017: Tim Dawson says the government's plans represent a poll tax on unions.

IFJ condemns 'farcical' threat to prosecute journalists’ leader in Somalia

31 May 2017: Union general secretary summoned by the authorities because of organising world press freedom day activity.

Egypt should drop charges against journalists' leaders

31 May 2016: Journalist leaders questioned by police and jailed for four days.

Attack on Egyptian journalists condemned

4 May 2016: Global union federation condemns outrageous attack on media and trade union rights following the attack by police on the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate and the arrest of its members.

#heartunions week social: London independent broadcasting and new media branch

29 January 2016: Join the London independent broadcasting and new media branch for a social event to celebrate the work of the union as part of Heart Unions week.

ILO condemns trade union rights violations in Somalia

18 November 2015: IFJ welcomes ILO freedom of association report finding serious trade union and human rights violations in Somalia.

Defend the right to strike - #TUbill

13 October 2015: The UK government's trade union bill threatens our basic right to strike.

UK trade unions highlight human rights abuses in Bahrain

25 September 2015: The NUJ has joined with other trade unions in the UK to highlight "widespread and systematic" human rights abuses in Bahrain.

Tory anti-union laws are an attack on basic human rights

15 July 2015: The Trade Union Co-ordinating Group has condemned the Tory government's aim to destroy the trade union movement.

Unite the Resistance: defend our unions

29 June 2015: Campaign to oppose the Tory austerity and anti-union agenda.

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