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NUJ demands IPSO inquiry on press racism

16 August 2017: The union has called for an investigation following widespread protests at the publication of inflammatory comments about Muslims in the Sun newspaper.

Should there be a boycott of The Sun?

20 July 2017: A petition to ban The Sun in Manchester gathered more than 70,000 signatures before it was removed. NUJ speakers will explain why a boycott is not union policy.

NUJ condemns Kelvin MacKenzie’s comments about Channel 4 reporter

18 July 2016: To suggest that a journalist is incapable of reporting on a terrorist outrage because of the colour of her skin, her religion or the clothes that she wears says all you need to know about the contemptible views of Kelvin MacKenzie.

Murdoch the real villain of the Operation Elveden fiasco

16 October 2015: NUJ reaction to the end of the police's £20m disaster resulting in one conviction and huge damage to the freedom of the press.

World Press Freedom Day, 2015

7 May 2015: Why Richard Desmond and the rest of the media moguls are a threat to press freedom in the UK.

NUJ condemns IPSO decision on describing migrants as ‘cockroaches’

5 May 2015: By rejecting the complaint, IPSO has thrown further doubt on its own legitimacy.

NUJ condemns Sun newspaper's remarks about Emily Brothers

12 December 2014: Call for front-page apology following Roger Liddle's "vile comment"

Boris calls for police to be checked on snooping on journalists

26 November 2014: The London mayor has backed the NUJ's call for the requirement for judicial oversight before journalists' records and data can be obtained by the police and other authorities.

Keep up the pressure to save our sources

14 October 2014: Dominic Ponsford, Editor of Press Gazette, explains the importance of the Save our Sources campaign against mass surveillance of the media.

NUJ calls for urgent investigation of RIPA's use to spy on journalists

2 October 2014: The NUJ is calling on the Interception of Communications Commissioner to launch an urgent review of RIPA powers and their use to access journalistic material and sources.

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