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Blacklisting: The next chapter is waiting to be written

21 March 2015: NUJ member Phil Chamberlain explains the story of trade union blacklisting.

Journalists, surveillance and the police: How can the secret state learn to live with the fourth estate?

18 March 2015: Public meeting about journalism, surveillance and the police.

New UK surveillance law should include protections for journalists

12 March 2015: Any new primary legislation needs to replace the existing powers and offer a "shield law" for journalists.

RIPA reforms will not go far enough

26 February 2015: The NUJ believes the current proposals on RIPA reform are not enough to ensure press freedom.

NUJ welcomes proposal for judicial authorisation to access journalists' communications data

4 February 2015: It is now time for political parties to commit to a full and proper public debate on surveillance and draft new laws that include safeguards for journalists, their materials, data and sources.

Police branding Press Gazette as 'vexatious' is an outrage

3 February 2015: The Met Police have barred Press Gazette from requesting information about its use of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) to spy on journalists.

NUJ denounces US government's communications data grab

26 January 2015: Just like the RIPA powers in the UK, WikiLeaks staff had communications secretly raided by US authorities and only found out much later.

Call to protect professional communications and change RIPA

20 January 2015: The Law Society, Bar Council, The British Association of Social Workers and National Union of Journalists (NUJ) have come together to express a shared concern in response to the current proposals contained in the draft code of practice for RIPA.

NUJ calls on members to respond to RIPA consultation - deadline Tuesday 20 January

15 January 2015: The NUJ has urged members to respond to the RIPA code of practice consultation before the deadline on Tuesday.

RIPA code of practice will not protect journalists or sources

10 December 2014: The new draft code of practice on RIPA has been published and provides no safeguards on accessing journalists' communications.

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