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NUJ calls for no detrimental changes to official secrets laws

15 June 2017: Union highlights NUJ members long and proud history of defending the public's right to know and calls for better safeguards for journalists and journalism.

NUJ calls on PM David Cameron to establish public inquiry into 1984 Amritsar massacre

16 April 2014: The National Union of Journalist (NUJ) has called on the British Prime Minister to establish a full public enquiry into all the documents and events relating to India, covering the whole of 1984.

NUJ backs reasoned amendment to deregulation bill

3 February 2014: The NUJ is calling on MPs to support a reasoned amendment tabled by Caroline Lucas, Jonathan Edwards, John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn.

Justice and Security Act - secret courts podcast

24 January 2014: NUJ training and panel speakers podcast on the Justice and Security Act and secret courts in the UK.

The Justice and Security Act's secret courts - what journalists need to know

7 January 2014: Since 1997, the use of secret evidence has spread from national security appeals in asylum cases into many different areas of law, from parole board hearings to employment tribunals. It is crucial that journalists understand the Justice and Security Act and its implications.

Journalism at its best uncovers the truth, secret courts hide the evidence

3 January 2014: The Open Justice Project has teamed up with the union to offer training on the Justice and Security Act, a law that conceals information from the public, denies independent media scrutiny and insulates the government from scandal.

Investigating state secrecy: the Justice and Security Act

21 November 2013: This event will look at controversial ‘secret courts’ as introduced by the Justice and Security Act 2013, which allow the government to defend themselves in ordinary civil cases from serious legal challenges, outside of the public eye and insulated from the press.

Secret evidence in Suzanne Breen case condemned

12 May 2009: The NUJ has condemned the use of evidence given in secret to justify an application to force Belfast journalist Suzanne Breen to hand over confidential material to the police.