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Is Johnston Press killing off the daily paper?

16 April 2012: Johnston Press is switching five of its daily newspapers into weeklies in a major overhaul by Ashley Highfield, the newspaper group's new chief executive.

Johnston Press board questioned as journalists strike

1 May 2010: Journalists bombarded directors of the Johnston Press Group with tough questions at the company's annual shareholders' meeting in Edinburgh.

Johnston Press journalists strike in Scarborough

29 April 2010: Journalists at the Johnston Press-owned Scarborough Evening News went on strike on Friday 30 April in defence of jobs and newspaper standards.

Yorkshire journalists blame production system for 'silly' papers

16 April 2010: Angry South Yorkshire journalists are demanding Johnston Press stop making their local papers look silly.

Johnston Press to close final salary pension scheme

14 April 2010: The NUJ has condemned Johnston Press's announcement that its final-salary pension scheme will close at the end of June.

Yorkshire Post management bans meeting from building

6 March 2009: Journalists are picketing the Yorkshire Post building in Leeds today after management said they wouldn't be allowed to hold a union meeting on the premises.