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Journalist organisations welcome dropped charges against Russian journalist Ivan Golunov

11 June 2019: Investigative journalist Ivan Golunov was arrested on drug-related charges, but released following outcry. He said the drugs had been planted by the police.

Journalist detained on treason charges in Ukraine

17 May 2018: The authorities claim Kirill Vyshynsky's work is 'subversive' reporting.

Journalist stabbed at Russian radio station

25 October 2017: Union representatives condemn the attack and urge the authorities to launch a prompt investigation.

Celebrating those who fight for justice

7 October 2016: The NUJ and the international journalist community paid tribute to the memory of Russian reporter Anna Politkovskaya on the 10th anniversary of her death.

Ukraine's ban on journalists & bloggers slammed by IFJ & EFJ

18 September 2015: Global union federation condemn Ukraine's ban of 38 European journalists and bloggers.

Journalists are not soldiers: report on Russia and Ukraine

16 June 2015: A IFJ/EFJ report to help journalists overcome the fog and hysteria of war, which will serve as a model for journalists and unions facing conflicts in future.

Attackers of BBC news team in Russia must answer for crimes

18 September 2014: The NUJ, IFJ and EFJ have joined calls for a thorough and immediate investigation to be carried out into an attack on a BBC news team in the southern Russian city of Astrakhan.

Russian journalist Andrei Stenin murdered in Ukraine

4 September 2014: The IFJ and EFJ have repeated their plea for all sides in Ukraine to respect the rights of journalists and ensure they are not intimidated or harmed following reports that Russian journalist, Andrei Stenin, has been found dead.

Union leaders call on Russian authorities to investigate death of journalist Timur Kuashev

5 August 2014: The IFJ and EFJ have called on the Russian authorities to carry out an immediate and through investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of journalist Timur Kuashev.

Journalists covering Ukraine & Russia must have free & open access to reporting

30 July 2014: Union leaders have appealed for all sides involved in the ongoing Ukraine crisis to ensure that journalists reporting on events are given free and open reporting access at all times.

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