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NUJ welcomes Impress application for recognition

20 May 2015: The union has endorsed Impress as an alternative to IPSO as it offers an independent framework to enable ethical journalism and safeguards for all journalists.

A conscience clause remains essential for journalists and should be added to royal charter, says NUJ

10 October 2013: The National Union of Journalists calls on the coalition government and industry figures to agree to include a conscience clause for journalists in the final version of the royal charter.

NUJ opposes publishers’ royal charter

24 May 2013: The NUJ has opposed the publishers' royal charter for a press regulator, calling it a threat to press freedom by allowing too much power in the hands of a small number of commercially-driven organisations.

More political opportunism on Leveson, says NUJ

14 March 2013: The NUJ has condemned the latest twist in the Leveson debate as cynical political opportunism.

Editors condemned for "dirty deal"

28 February 2013: NUJ condemns Government for ignoring journalists as it attempts to cosy up to newspaper publishers who it hopes will return the favour at the next election.

Press regulation by Royal Charter is a cop out and doomed to failure

14 February 2013: The NUJ has condemned the Conservative Party's attempt to introduce the Leveson recommendations on press regulation through a royal charter as pointless and doomed to failure.