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NUJ statement on attacks on press during riots by Trump supporters

8 January 2021: Democracy needs a strong, independent and plural press - otherwise the mob will win.

NUJ calls for investigation of police “targeting” press during French riots

10 December 2018: The Paris branch of the National Union of Journalists has called for assurances on the safety of the media following several members of the press, including a member, being hit by police projectiles.

Black Lives Matter, NUJ members protest

10 August 2016: It is important the NUJ works with and has the confidence of the diverse communities in which our member work.

Production order ruling is a 'grave disappointment' says NUJ

5 December 2012: The NUJ has expressed grave disappointment at the decision of a court in Northern Ireland to compel photographers to hand over footage of the riots in Belfast on 12 July 2012.

Riot or uprising? Hugh Muir asks in 2011 Claudia Jones lecture

3 October 2011: "What was it that happened in those towns and cities? Was it a riot or an uprising?" Hugh Muir asked a full house at the 10th annual Claudia Jones memorial lecture.

Giving evidence to the police puts journalists in danger

23 September 2011: The NUJ has condemned the courts for forcing media organisations to supply riot footage and photographs to the police.

Journalists urged to resist turning footage into evidence

12 August 2011: Politicians calls for news-gathered images and video of the riots and social unrest across England over the last week to be used as police evidence.

Media organisations ordered to hand over Belfast footage

19 July 2011: Belfast Recorder Judge Thomas Burgess has ordered news organisations to hand over footage of the riots in east Belfast to the Northern Ireland police, the PSNI.

PA photographer shot in Belfast

22 June 2011: A Press Association photographer has been shot in Belfast.