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Launch of NUJ Scotland guidelines on reporting on mental health, mental illness & death by suicide

6 November 2014: New and updated NUJ guidelines on ethical reporting published.

Updated NUJ race reporting guidelines

4 September 2014: Updated NUJ race reporting guidelines

New NUJ guidelines for reporting on LGBT

2 September 2014: NUJ launches new guidelines for reporting on LGBT for all media workers creating and handling editorial material.

Two days to remember: Orgreave Truth & Justice campaign

26 June 2014: Granville Williams urges NUJ members to support the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign.

International conference on health journalism

30 January 2014: This is the second International Conference on Health Journalism to be held at Coventry University, aimed at working journalists, NHS PRs, lecturers in journalism and journalism students.

Journalism at its best uncovers the truth, secret courts hide the evidence

3 January 2014: The Open Justice Project has teamed up with the union to offer training on the Justice and Security Act, a law that conceals information from the public, denies independent media scrutiny and insulates the government from scandal.

Business for journalists (October 2013)

9 August 2013: This dynamic, one-day course, designed and presented by a business journalist and university teacher, provides an invaluable introduction to the world of big business.

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