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Union calls on members to back photojournalists’ campaign

24 January 2019: The Netherlands photojournalists' strike has global ramifications

Alamy should value photographers

21 December 2018: Alamy is still ripping off photographers but the NUJ welcomes the partial company climbdown on commission rate cuts

Don't write off your rights, says Joshua Latchford

14 February 2018: When the teenage photographer's photo of a pranged super-car was syndicated by his local paper to the national press, he had to claim his copyright.

Amateur photographers should charge for published work, says new NUJ campaign

5 February 2018: #Useitpayforit is a month-long campaign to encourage amateurs to understand the value of the photographs and videos they provide to news organisations.

Unions celebrate end of battle with pledge to fight for Irish freelances

31 May 2017: The use of competiton law to deny workers the right to collective representation was wrong and freelance workers will now be able to use the legislation to secure representation rights.

Let's talk about money

28 November 2014: An event for Young Workers' Month showed young union members how to pitch ideas and clinch the deal.

NUJ denounces Quill Content for paying freelance fee of £5 for 150 words

2 July 2014: John Toner, NUJ freelance organiser, says the rate is a disgrace.

NUJ denounces freelance fee offered by the Leicester Mercury

29 May 2014: An experienced freelance journalist was asked to cover four days of cricket for a total fee of £150.

NUJ condemns Johnston Press contracts for freelance photographers

2 May 2014: The NUJ has strongly condemned a contract circulated to freelance photographers by Johnston Press.