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Google tools & editorial – Free NUJ training in Dublin

6 September 2017: The NUJ and Google News Lab have teamed up to offer free training to NUJ members who live and work in Dublin.

Google tools & editorial – Free NUJ training in London

6 September 2017: The NUJ and Google News Lab have teamed up to offer free training to NUJ members who live and work in London.

Introduction to Data Journalism, October 2017

1 September 2017: This one-day course organised by the NUJ and London Freelance Branch will cover understanding data and risk, assessing data quality, surveys, data sources such as government and open data, predictions (and how they should generally be avoided), freedom of information, combining and manipulating data, graphing and mapping.

Countering Violent Extremism & Crafting a Story: free workshops

17 August 2017: Two free workshops from the Corsham Institute will show journalists how to counter radical ideologies that lead to violent acts and how to present stories in a powerful way to engage an audience.

Freelance Salon, Cardiff. Diversify to succeed.

7 August 2017: If you’re freelance and would like an injection of exciting new ideas or you are considering a freelance career then this event is not to be missed.

Media law training via the ASBW

7 August 2017: This Association of British Science Writers course will cover: libel;copyright; privacy and confidentiality; data protection; and media regulation.

Training on using the Freedom of Information Act

20 July 2017: Making a FOI request is straightforward but making an effective request can be more difficult. This course will show you how.

ABSW Science Journalism Summer School 2017

12 June 2017: This a one-day event will start or reinvigorate your career in science journalism. It will cover pitching and freelancing skills, data and investigative journalism and it will allow for networking and meeting many editors.

NUJ Masterclass: Speechwriting for profit and persuasion

11 May 2017: Effective speech writers command significant fees in politics, business and non-commercial sectors. Ian McKenzie leads this masterclass in how to create a memorable and effective speech.

NUJ Masterclass: Success with self-published ebooks

11 May 2017: Approximately a third of all books sold today are eBooks and their format is well-suited for long-form journalism. Tim Dawson leads this masterclass on making and marketing a successful ebook.

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