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Tightening the Net: Be careful what you wish for

16 May 2013: Author Alan Pearce writes about the dangers of online surveillance for journalists.

Data bill threatens journalistic sources and material

11 December 2012: The draft communications data bill is a serious attack on the privacy of citizen's electronic data and will severely restrict the freedom of the press - says the NUJ.

NUJ welcomes move to end Convention secrecy

30 November 2012: The National Union of Journalists has welcomed the decision of the Chairman of the Constitutional Convention in Ireland, Mr Tom Arnold, to ask members of the public who have accepted membership of the Convention to waive their right to anonymity.

NUJ backs report by MPs and peers opposing privacy law

27 March 2012: The NUJ has backed the recommnendations in the Joint Committee on Privacy report, rejecting a new privacy law.

NUJ demands Irish health boss lifts information ban

9 May 2011: The NUJ is calling on the boss of Ireland's Health Service Executive to lift a blanket ban on the release of patient information to the media.

CMS press standards, privacy and libel report welcomed

25 February 2010: The NUJ has described the CMS Press standards, privacy and libel report as the most sweeping investigation of press standards and related issues carried out by parliament this century.

BNP accused of hypocrisy over Redwatch website

19 November 2008: The NUJ has renewed its demands that the government close a neo-Nazi website which urges supporters to target journalists.

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