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NUJ ethics council supports University Times coverage of hazing in Trinity College Dublin

25 March 2019: NUJ defends the professional standards of The University Times

Varadkar review of spin operation “not good enough”

2 March 2018: The decision of the Taoiseach to order a review of the Irish government’s Strategic Communications Unit and new guidelines for state sponsored advertorials has been welcomed by the NUJ.

Editors must not blur lines between news & paid for copy

27 February 2018: Editors in Ireland must resist the pressure from advertising agencies and should not allow clear lines to be blurred. The union will defend any journalist or editor who is placed under commercial pressure to compromise editorial standards.

NUJ welcomes dismissal of the Monica Leech defamation case

15 June 2017: The European Court of Human Rights took issue with the size of the Supreme Court’s award and said the Independent News and Media’s freedom of expression had been breached.

NUJ says press regulation must include affordable independent arbitration

10 January 2017: Union says the notion that successfully defended cases, brought following journalist investigations and reporting, could still lead to a newspaper having to pay costs for the losing side is not tenable.

NUJ welcomes statutory libel review

1 November 2016: The union supports the review of Ireland's defamation laws.

Invitation for nominations to the Press Council of Ireland

11 July 2016: The closing date for receipt of nominations is lunchtime on Monday 5 September.
The nominating committee will make a recommendation to a meeting of the Irish Executive Council on Thursday 15 September.

NUJ urges university to withdraw legal threat against Limerick Leader

5 October 2015: Irish secretary says the university should seek redress via the procedures of the Press Council of Ireland and the Press Ombudsman.

Ireland: Freelance Forum 2013 for Photographers and Writers

13 March 2013: This year’s sessions include information on how to stay onside with the Press Council code of conduct, pitching for radio and making the most of multimedia opportunities, and how to make the most of your time to increase earnings.

History repeats itself as media bosses oppose change

8 November 2012: The British press have already accepted the legal provisions in the Irish regulatory system and have supported it since it was established.

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