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Government amendments to the lobbying bill are inadequate

8 October 2013: The NUJ is opposed to the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill and the government's suggested changes are cosmetic, not substantial.

NUJ welcomes committee recommendations on copyright

3 October 2013: The report by the culture, media and sport parliamentary select committee echoes the union's criticism of the Hargreaves report and new copyright exemptions. The NUJ urges MPs and the government to take note.

NUJ backs parliamentary committee's call to scrap "seriously flawed" lobbying bill

5 September 2013: The all-party political and constitutional committee has called for the lobbying bill to be withdrawn, describing it as "seriously flawed".

Campaign for press reform

30 July 2013: The NUJ is campaigning for a free and fair press and supports media diversity and plurality.

Intellectual Property Bill must 'protect integrity of journalists' work'

22 May 2013: Protection by copyright is essential for journalists to ensure that they are paid for their work and are not ripped off by publishers or websites who use their copy or photographs.

Why the Snoopers' Charter must be fought

10 May 2013: Philip Hunt, NUJ NEC member, explains why its in every journalist's interests to fight the enactment of the so-called Snoopers' Charter.

NUJ backs peer's amendment to Defamation bill

22 April 2013: The NUJ Parliamentary Group has called for peers to support an amendment to the Defamation bill that will protect journalists from being gagged by powerful corporations.

Stop the dangerous Snoopers' Charter bill

19 April 2013: The government is planning to include its Communications Data Bill, otherwise known as the Snoopers' Charter, in the Queen's Speech.

NUJ calls for Defamation bill to be passed with amendments

15 April 2013: The NUJ is urging all Members of Parliament to support the Defamation Bill, which returns to the House of Commons next week and includes amendments made in the House of Lords.

Home Office must consult on plans for discredited Snoopers’ Charter – NUJ

2 April 2013: The UK government is planning to go ahead with its Communications Data Bill, otherwise known as the Snoopers' Charter, despite a damning cross-party Parliamentary committee's scrutiny of the proposed legislation.

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