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Journalist killed in Somalia

20 August 2019: Abdinasir Abdulle Ga’al is the 3rd journalist killed in Somalia this year

Radio journalist stabbed to death in Somalia

20 September 2018: Unions offer condolences to Abdirisak Sa’id Osman's colleagues, friends and family, and demand justice.

Somalian journalist killed by car bomb

12 December 2017: TV journalist Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed was killed by an explosive device planted beneath the driver’s seat of his car in Mogadishu’s Madina district on Monday 11 December.

IFJ condemns 'farcical' threat to prosecute journalists’ leader in Somalia

31 May 2017: Union general secretary summoned by the authorities because of organising world press freedom day activity.

Somali union "beyond thrilled" at ILO verdict on government violations

10 November 2016: International Labour Organisation backs union over intimidation of officials and
violations of the rights to freedom of association.

IFJ reacts to savage assassination of leading Somali journalist

28 September 2016: Indignation and horror at the news of the assassination, which adds to a long list of Somali journalists who have paid with their life for the commitment to their job.

UN general secretary condemns attacks against journalists’ union in Somalia

20 September 2016: UN calls on Somali government to cease its attacks immediately.

IFJ calls for end to threats and intimidation of Somali journalists

31 August 2016: Journalist unions call for an end to threats and intimidation by local authorities in Somalia aimed at undermining independent journalism.

Judicial harassment of journalists in Somaliland should end

17 August 2016: Somaliland journalists and independent newspapers are being subjected to judicial harassment and criminal persecution.

IFJ condemns murder of Hindiyo Haji Mohamed in Somalia

4 December 2015: Hindiyo was a female journalist who worked for the Somali national TV station and Radio Mogadishu. She was killed in a car bombing.

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