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#DM18: Three of the best

20 April 2018: DM celebrated the latest Members of Honour – Joyce McMillan, Chris Frost and Charlie Harkness.

#DM18: Delegate Meeting starts in Southport

19 April 2018: The gender pay gap, intimidation of journalists at BBC Persia, media freedom, journalists' rights and pay and conditions will be passionately debated by the union's policy-making body.

#DM16: Four of the finest

15 April 2016: Four Members of Honour were celebrated at conference.

DM2014: The Future of Journalism

17 April 2014: Delegates left Eastbourne with a renewed sense of purpose after one of the most successful delegate meetings in recent years – and with a determination to ensure a future for a fair and free press.

DM2014: NUJ members of honour celebrated

12 April 2014: Mary Maher, Eddie Barrett and Mike Holderness are awarded member of honour status.

Funeral of Tony Benn

26 March 2014: Michelle Stanistreet and NUJ members joined politicians, union leaders, family and friends in marking their respect for member of honour Tony Benn.

NUJ Member of Honour Dick Oliver dies aged 76

18 February 2013: Dick Oliver, NUJ Member of Honour, was a central figure at the union's delegate conferences for many years as well as being a source of calm and reliable advice to members in the broadcasting sector.

Towering figure in Irish journalism Arthur Quinlan dies aged 92

26 December 2012: Tributes have been paid to NUJ member of honour Arthur Quinlan, who died in Co Limerick on Saturday 22 December 2012.

John Barsby and Roy Jones become NUJ members of honour

6 October 2012: John Barsby, BBC veteran, and Roy Jones, Morning Star industrial correspondent, have been made NUJ members of honour and received standing ovations for their contribution to the union.

Member of Honour Mary Beilby dies aged 76

28 August 2012: Mary Beilby, who has died aged 76, was a member of honour of the National Union of Journalists.

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