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Coronavirus crisis no justification for restricting media questions, says NUJ

3 April 2020: There is no justification for limiting the ability of the media to question ministers directly or change long standing protocols in Ireland

Prime Minister shows contempt for journalism, says NUJ leader

9 December 2019: Johnson has little regard for the future of the BBC and the creative industries

Telling our own stories: People of colour in Scotland’s media

11 September 2019: This event is a space for people of colour who work in, or have an interest in, the media - to come together, learn, share and build networks. It’s the beginning of a conversation about the lack of representation in Scotland’s media and what we can do about it together.

NUJ welcomes "unambiguous ruling in favour of democracy" in Ireland

2 June 2015: The union has welcomes the High Court decision on media coverage of parliamentary affairs in Ireland.

Media failure to defend Dáil privilege may shatter public trust

29 May 2015: The NUJ has welcomed the announcement that RTÉ is to seek High Court permission to broadcast comments made in the Irish parliament about the financial affairs of media tycoon Denis O'Brien.

Journalism Entrepreneurship Summit 2015

3 February 2015: The day-long workshop will include four panels of journalism entrepreneurs, funding and support agencies,policy makers and researchers and educators and will discuss what's next for the Fourth Estate.

IFJ deeply concerned for media safety in Crimea

10 March 2014: Union federations reiterate appeal for all sides involved in the political unrest in Ukraine to respect the rights and freedom of journalists.

Journalists in Syria urged to remain vigilant after murder of Lebanese cameraman

10 March 2014: The IFJ has condemned the murder of Lebanese journalist, Omar Abdel Qader, in eastern Syria on Saturday 8 March 2014.

Tactics for anti-austerity movement: How we as campaigners use media

22 June 2013: Anita Halpin, NUJ NEC member, addressed the People's Assembly Against Austerity in London, and explained how activists can use the media.

Turning the Page on Media Sexism

31 May 2013: A century ago, Emily Davison and suffragette colleagues were campaigning for equal rights for women. Today, we have Page 3, Lads mags and a media in which women are still not being considered for the top jobs.

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