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Assange’s prosecution creates grave risk

20 November 2020: The Wikileaks founder will most likely take his own life if convicted, says his lawyer.

Unfettered reporting threatened - what Assange extradition hearings reveal

2 October 2020: Assange faces a potential sentence with a release date more than a century beyond his lifespan, the indictment contains a description of core journalistic activities

Assange’s bid for privacy is a dangerous precedent

29 September 2020: Unless the media forces courts to justify keeping material from the media, the danger is that it becomes the default.

Assange trial hears evidence from Kahled El-Masri

25 September 2020: Cover up of his torture by Macedonian police and the CIA was revealed by Wikileaks.

Assange should not be extradited, says NUJ

7 September 2020: NUJ calls for the UK government to intervene to dismiss the application

Attending the Assange trial - day four

28 February 2020: Arguments in court focused on whether Assange's work was political

Attending the Assange trial - day three

27 February 2020: Arguments centre on whether it is admissible to extradite those accused of ‘political’ offences

Attending the Assange trial - day two

26 February 2020: On the first day of trial, Assange was handcuffed 11 times, searched naked twice, put in five separate holding cells and had his papers taken from him

Attending the Assange trial - day one

25 February 2020: The decision to 'ramp up the charges' against Assange was made to try and make him an example, said Edward Fitzgerald QC

Assange faces first steps towards extradition

24 February 2020: The Wikileaks founder starts court proceedings which could have dire consequences for investigative journalism.

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