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Women journalists imprisoned during protests in Ankara

7 January 2021: Unions condemn the violence inflicted on colleagues and call for their immediate release

Cumhuriyet journalists face trial in Turkey

21 July 2017: The charges carry up to 43 year sentences and Turkey is already the world’s leading jailor of journalists.

Unions monitor criminal trial of journalists in Turkey

20 June 2017: IFJ/EFJ observer sent to Istanbul to monitor the first trial of journalists accused of participating in the failed coup.

Union federations support sister unions & colleagues in Turkey

19 July 2016: Trade union federations highlight the attacks on journalists and press freedom in Turkey.

Turkey should release Can Dündar & Erdem Gül immediately

27 November 2015: Journalists' unions and federations united in strong condemnation of the arrests and call for the two reporters to be released and the charges dropped.

Turkey's journalists call for solidarity

22 September 2015: Journalists unite to condemn the surge in attacks on press freedom and the pressure is expected to intensify as the country heads for another election in November.

Press freedom & labour rights in Turkey

17 September 2015: IFJ and EFJ with the Journalists Union of Turkey and the Journalists Association of Turkey host international conference on fighting for journalists’ rights and freedoms.

Turkish journalists are being prosecuted for a picture

5 August 2015: The IFJ and EFJ urge Turkey to drop charges against 18 journalists threatened with 7.5 years in jail.