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Ukraine asked to end impunity against killers of journalists

19 November 2015: In a letter to President Petro Poroshenko, the International Federation of Journalists asked the Ukrainian president to end impunity for killers and attackers of journalists.

IFJ launches solidarity fund to help Yemen's journalists

5 November 2015: The IFJ has launched a solidarity fund to provide financial aid and humanitarian assistance to Yemeni journalists and their families.

#endimpunity day: we must not let these deaths remain as statistics

2 November 2015: Today marks the beginning of the commemoration of the United Nation's end impunity for crimes targeting journalists.

Journalist killed and colleague detained as press freedom under attack in Burundi

16 October 2015: RTNB cameraman Christophe Nkezabahizi and family shot dead at close range by security forces and Egide Mwemero detained in Goma.

US journalists killed during TV report

26 August 2015: The International Federation of Journalists condemned the shooting attack in the US state of Virginia.

IFJ mourns killing of two journalists in Mogadishu

28 July 2015: The IFJ joins with the National Union of Somali Journalists to condemn the killing of two journalists in Mogadishu.

IFJ calls for journalists' safety in Iraq

23 July 2015: The IFJ and Iraqi union respond to the killing of photo-journalist Jala al-Abadi in Mosul.

IFJ condemns death of Al Jazeera cameraman in Syria

29 June 2015: Mohammed al-Asfer, a 19 year old Al Jazeera cameraman was shot dead, the fifth Al Jazeera media worker to be killed in Syria since 2011.

IFJ urges accountability for deliberate targeting of journalists in Gaza 2014

29 June 2015: The IFJ and Palestinian Journalists' Syndicate cite UN evidence of incidents where journalists and media deliberately targeted.

IFJ & EFJ condemn the murder of journalist beaten to death in Poland

24 June 2015: Union federations join the Association of Polish Journalists in condemning the killing of Lukasz Masiak.

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