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TUC Congress debates arts, media and culture

5 September 2011: Day two of the TUC Congress debated arts, media and culture, including media regulation, Lost Arts, the digital economy and the BBC licence fee.

Journalists attacked at EDL protest in London

5 September 2011: The NUJ has condemned attacks on journalists during the EDL protest in London on Saturday and the union has offered support and assistance to journalists who were abused.

NUJ demands end to EDL targeting journalists

2 September 2011: The NUJ has demanded that journalists be allowed to do their job without being harassed or threatened during the demonstrations in London on Saturday 3 September.

Journalists urged to resist turning footage into evidence

12 August 2011: Politicians calls for news-gathered images and video of the riots and social unrest across England over the last week to be used as police evidence.

Journalist attacked in Islamabad

20 June 2011: Men wearing police uniforms have attacked a journalist who works in Islamabad for The Guardian.

Journalists and unions attacked in Africa, Middle East and South America

27 May 2011: Journalists and their trade unions in Somalia, Bahrain and Argentina have seen a surge of attacks.

NUJ joins Egypt solidarity rally

8 February 2011: Journalists joined other trade unionists, students and human rights campaigners at a rally in central London to mark a global day of action in solidarity with protesters demanding democracy and an end to state-sponsored violence in Egypt and its neighbouring countries.

Unions condemn attacks on journalists in Egypt

3 February 2011: The NUJ has called on the Mubarak regime to stop attacking journalists, while welcoming the release of an NUJ member who was arrested in Cairo.

Egyptian blackout 'underlines need for World Service'

1 February 2011: The Mubarak regime's blackout of internet services in Egypt underlines the importance of protecting the BBC World Service from savage cuts which would deny balanced reporting to people across the globe, the NUJ says.

Journalists harassed and detained in Zimbabwe

3 November 2010: The NUJ has condemned the arrest and harassment of two freelance journalists in Zimbabwe.

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