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Palestinian journalist and daughter latest victims of Israeli attacks

29 July 2014: According to IFJ affiliate, the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate, Baha Edeen Gharib, 55, who worked as Israeli affairs editor for Palestinian TV, and his 16-year-old daughter Ola, were killed by an Israeli rocket attack.

Israeli forces must be held accountable for attacks on journalists in Gaza, says IFJ

25 July 2014: The IFJ has joined increasing international calls for the Israeli government and its forces to be held accountable for the atrocities that are being carried out against journalists covering events in Gaza.

IFJ strongly condemns killing of Palestinian journalist Khaled Hamad

21 July 2014: The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has condemned the killing of Palestinian cameraman Khaled Hamad on Sunday 20 July 2014.

Freedom and safety of journalists in Gaza must be upheld, says IFJ

18 July 2014: Global federation demands that Israeli forces respect the rights of journalists in Gaza and has issued a renewed appeal for journalists in the region to take all necessary safety precautions.

Intimidation and violence against Palestinian journalists must end now

2 July 2014: The international federation condemns the brutal attack by Israeli forces on a Palestinian TV crew in Shufat Refugee Camp, near Jerusalem.

Union demands an end to attacks on journalists in Syria

15 May 2014: The NUJ has denounced the fierce attack on two journalists working for The Times in Syria. The journalists were detained, one was shot and the other severely beaten by kidnappers. They have now been released and are undergoing treatment in Turkey.

'The resistance will also bring freedom to the media' - inspiration from our sister union in Turkey

6 November 2013: In June 2013 Turkey experienced the biggest social uprising of its history so what did the journalists union of Turkey do?

Journalists' federation mourns four killed in Egypt crisis

21 August 2013: The IFJ condemns the death of four journalists during the crackdown by Egypt security forces.

Nine-year fight for NUJ photographer ends in Swiss legal victory

20 December 2012: After nine years of fighting his case, NUJ member and photographer Guy Smallman has been awarded compensation of 75,000 Swiss Francs by the State of Geneva.

Giving evidence to the police puts journalists in danger

23 September 2011: The NUJ has condemned the courts for forcing media organisations to supply riot footage and photographs to the police.

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