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London rally protests harsh treatment of Iranian trade unionists

26 June 2009: The NUJ's deputy general secretary, Michelle Stanistreet, has called for the release of arrested journalists in Iran and urged the country's president to lift restrictions imposed on the media.

Two Zimbabwe journalists arrested for covering demo

5 June 2009: The NUJ is calling for the immediate release of two Zimbabwean journalists and trades unionists arrested in Harare.

MP releases footage of police 'kettling' journalist

21 April 2009: A Liberal Democrat MP has released video footage of a journalist detained inside a police cordon at one of the G20 protests in London earlier this month.

NUJ member Sarwar Gareb released from immigration detention

28 January 2009: A Leicester-based Iraqi journalist has been released from detention after protests from fellow NUJ members.

Iraqi journalist faces deportation from UK

26 January 2009: The NUJ is urging UK citizens to protest to MPs about the detention of an asylum-seeking Iraqi journalist who faces persecution, even death, if he is deported.

Guantanamo detainee journalist banned from Britain

16 January 2009: A journalist who spent seven years in the notorious US Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba is being refused entry to Britain.

Journalist and photographer released, killings continue in Somalia

5 January 2009: A Daily Telegraph correspondent and a Spanish photographer have been released after they were held for 40 days by bandits in Somalia.

Photographer accused of taking pictures for terrorists at wedding

15 December 2008: A photographer documenting the persecution of Irish Travellers in the UK was herself intimidated by policeā€¦ on UN Human Rights Day.

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