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Telling our own stories: People of colour in Scotland’s media

11 September 2019: This event is a space for people of colour who work in, or have an interest in, the media - to come together, learn, share and build networks. It’s the beginning of a conversation about the lack of representation in Scotland’s media and what we can do about it together.

Made in Manchester: independent media in the city

15 May 2019: The Manchester independent media scene is thriving. But what does it look like? Where will it go next and how can you support it?

'The resistance will also bring freedom to the media' - inspiration from our sister union in Turkey

6 November 2013: In June 2013 Turkey experienced the biggest social uprising of its history so what did the journalists union of Turkey do?

Call for 'public hatred' against journalists in Azerbaijan condemned

13 June 2012: A spokesperson for the government of Azerbaijan has called for a show of 'public hatred' against the independent media.