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#HeartNUJ: Essential for all freelance media workers

14 February 2017: As part of the TUC's heart unions week, Dr Francis Sedgemore highlights the scope of union activity and initiatives.

#HeartNUJ: Branch activity is the foundation of our union

13 February 2017: Donnacha DeLong explains how a new branch has encouraged a diverse group of members to get active in the NUJ.

#HeartNUJ: Challenging the Savile Row suits

12 February 2017: Brian Williams, as part the TUC's heart unions week, explains trade union negotiations that allows the collective right to say bollocks to management.

#HeartNUJ: Why I'm in my union

11 February 2017: NUJ rep and freelance member, Louise Bolotin, explains the benefits of union membership as part of the TUC's #heartunions week

#HeartNUJ: An unusual route to NUJ membership

10 February 2017: Gerry Carson, a PR professional, explains how his boss negotiated for him join the union during a turbulent time in Northern Ireland.

#HeartNUJ: Solidarity matters

10 February 2017: NUJ photographer Kevin Cooper explains the meaning of union solidarity as part of the TUC's heart unions week.

#heartNUJ: The NUJ has lots to offer

9 February 2017: Mike Jempson explains his participation in a wide-range of NUJ activity spanning 40 years as part of the TUC's #heartunions, #heartNUJ week.

#heartNUJ: The eternal benefits of our union

8 February 2017: Tim Dawson, NUJ president, kicks off the TUC's #heartunions, #heartNUJ week today and explains the benefits and how he first got involved in the union.

TU bill weakens our ability to protect people at work - that’s why we have to fight it

19 February 2016: Even when you don’t need to call on the union, it helps if people know you can and will.

#heartunions week of action - members stories

14 February 2016: Why our members heart the NUJ.

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