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IFJ condemns blocking websites & arrests in Palestine

20 June 2017: Blocking websites and arresting journalists is a grave breach of press freedom and journalists' fundamental rights.

IFJ blames Hamas for journalist's 'outrageous' detention

14 June 2017: The global federation has joined the Palestinian union in urging the authorities to free Jaradah and respect press freedom in Gaza.

IFJ slams Hamas’ travel ban on safety trainer in Gaza

8 March 2013: The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has slammed Hamas for imposing a travel ban on a safety trainer.

IFJ calls for end to media clampdown in Gaza

25 January 2013: The International Federation of Journalists has accused the Hamas administration in the Gaza strip of a major clampdown on journalists, targeting especially members of its affiliated organisation, the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate.

Hamas accused of meddling in Gaza journalists' affairs

2 August 2012: The IFJ has accused Hamas security forces of harassing elected officials of the Palestinian Journalists' Syndicate in Gaza.

British journalist detained in Gaza

16 February 2010: The National Union of Journalists has condemned the detention of a British freelance journalist by security officials in Gaza and demanded he be set free immediately.

NUJ joins calls for end to ban on journalists entering Gaza

5 January 2009: The NUJ has joined colleagues around the world in condemning the violation of media freedom by Israel during the conflict in Gaza.