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NUJ remains seriously concerned about Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill

16 July 2014: The union is campaigning against the latest proposals contained in the new bill and is calling on the government to ensure the code of practice protects the obligation of professional secrecy for journalists, media workers and other professionals.

Government urged to set up public inquiry into 1984 Amritsar massacre

12 June 2014: A delegation led by Andy Smith, NUJ joint-president, and John McDonnell MP delivered a letter to Downing Street setting out the union's concerns over revelations of the incident.

Media plurality campaign

1 May 2014: Journalists who want to work for freer and more diverse media are urged to sign a European petition.

Council publications: Why fix something that isn't broken?

20 March 2014: Member of Parliament and former journalist Alex Cunningham suggests the Secretary of State’s new role would be better described as "Censor in Chief".

Last-ditch effort needed in campaign for changes to disastrous lobbying bill

17 January 2014: Despite winning concessions and inflicting a few defeats, pressure must be maintained on peers and MPs as the legislation reaches its final stages

Campaigners welcome pause to lobbying bill

6 November 2013: NUJ says pause must be used to make radical changes to flawed legislation

Government amendments to the lobbying bill are inadequate

8 October 2013: The NUJ is opposed to the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill and the government's suggested changes are cosmetic, not substantial.

Campaign for press reform

30 July 2013: The NUJ is campaigning for a free and fair press and supports media diversity and plurality.

Tightening the Net: Be careful what you wish for

16 May 2013: Author Alan Pearce writes about the dangers of online surveillance for journalists.

Why the Snoopers' Charter must be fought

10 May 2013: Philip Hunt, NUJ NEC member, explains why its in every journalist's interests to fight the enactment of the so-called Snoopers' Charter.

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