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There is no RIPA victory yet – all depends on detail, says NUJ

23 February 2015: The union has urged for caution in response to the latest announcements to changes on the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA).

NUJ welcomes proposal for judicial authorisation to access journalists' communications data

4 February 2015: It is now time for political parties to commit to a full and proper public debate on surveillance and draft new laws that include safeguards for journalists, their materials, data and sources.

Call to protect professional communications and change RIPA

20 January 2015: The Law Society, Bar Council, The British Association of Social Workers and National Union of Journalists (NUJ) have come together to express a shared concern in response to the current proposals contained in the draft code of practice for RIPA.

NUJ calls on members to respond to RIPA consultation - deadline Tuesday 20 January

15 January 2015: The NUJ has urged members to respond to the RIPA code of practice consultation before the deadline on Tuesday.

RIPA code of practice will not protect journalists or sources

10 December 2014: The new draft code of practice on RIPA has been published and provides no safeguards on accessing journalists' communications.

Boris calls for police to be checked on snooping on journalists

26 November 2014: The London mayor has backed the NUJ's call for the requirement for judicial oversight before journalists' records and data can be obtained by the police and other authorities.

British government claim 'no grounds' for further inquiry on 1984 events in India

24 October 2014: Hugo Swire MP has written to the NUJ rejecting calls for further investigations of possible UK involvement in the Indian operation at Sri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple), Amritsar 1984.

Keep up the pressure to save our sources

14 October 2014: Dominic Ponsford, Editor of Press Gazette, explains the importance of the Save our Sources campaign against mass surveillance of the media.

Don’t turn tough sound-bites into repressive, chilling laws, NUJ tells May

30 September 2014: Broadcasting bans and a return to the Snoopers' Charter, set out by the Home Secretary, are anti-democratic and anti-press.

NUJ condemns Lobbying Act consultation

22 September 2014: The NUJ's public relations and communications council (PRCC) has condemned the government's latest consultation on how the Lobbying Act will be implemented.

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