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Government to call local media summit

19 March 2009: The UK government has agreed to call a summit on the future of the regional media – just one day after it was suggested by the NUJ.

UK government to meet NUJ to discuss media cuts

4 March 2009: The NUJ is to meet UK Culture Secretary Andy Burnham in urgent talks to save local media from the ravages of the recession and the cutbacks and job losses imposed by newspaper publishers and TV companies.

NUJ warns against relaxing UK media ownership laws

29 January 2009: The NUJ has warned the UK government it must not rush to relax media ownership laws after an official report recommended a review of the rules.

Iraqi journalist faces deportation from UK

26 January 2009: The NUJ is urging UK citizens to protest to MPs about the detention of an asylum-seeking Iraqi journalist who faces persecution, even death, if he is deported.

UK government rejects special assistance for local media

21 January 2009: There will be no special UK government help for local papers struggling with the double danger of the recession and the internet.

Andy Burnham to meet NUJ over local media cuts

20 January 2009: Andy Burnham, the UK Culture Secretary, has agreed to meet with the NUJ to discuss the future of local news, following an intervention by Katy Clark, MP for North Ayrshire and Arran.

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