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Scotland slave role needs to be highlighted, says NUJ

22 October 2013: NUJ celebrated Black history month with Sun, Sand, Sea and Scotland - an evening of historical talks, book readings and poetry that examined Scotland’s role in the trans Atlantic slave trade.

Courageous blogger Graeme Smith dies

4 July 2013: Graeme Smith, who entertained readers with a humorous and thoughtful blog about his illness since it was diagnosed eighteen months ago, has died of a brain tumour.

NUJ members at Glasgow Herald to ballot over job cuts

28 June 2013: The Glasgow Herald NUJ chapel has decided to ballot over jobs cuts.

Make Your Local News Work (Glasgow)

29 May 2013: Job cuts across all titles in local and regional newspapers mean that council and planning meetings and courts are not being covered.

International Women's Day Celebration - Glasgow

20 February 2013: Illuminated letters: unwind with a book special.

NUJ calls action at BBC Scotland

25 January 2013: The BBC Scotland NUJ chapel met today in response to the threatened compulsory redundancies and agreed unanimously to take work to rule action.

NUJ calls on luxury book publisher to pay wages

13 December 2012: Opus Media Group plc publish large print, glossy, luxury books which run into hundreds of pages and often weigh over 30kg.

Are you ready to go? TUC demo #Oct20

19 October 2012: Get active and attend the TUC events in London, Glasgow and Belfast on Saturday 20 October 2012.

New Year chill – Newsquest papers start 2012 with pay freeze

15 December 2011: NUJ chapels of Newsquest's titles are reporting a freeze on pay rises from January, with the option of a "review" later in the year.

NUJ member Alieu Ceesay wins fight to stay in the UK

3 August 2011: The NUJ Glasgow Branch member Alieu Ceesay, an asylum seeking journalist, has been allowed to stay in the UK.

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