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Newsquest York industrial action ballot starts

21 May 2015: Newsquest York cuts target the Gazette & Herald.

Jobs massacre at Newsquest

29 April 2015: More than 30 posts put at risk as Gannett, the US parent company's AGM celebrates bumper wages for executives and an insulting corporate video saying Everything is Awesome

Newsquest strikes spread to Blackburn, Bradford, Bolton, York

9 December 2010: NUJ members at Newsquest Blackburn, Bradford, Bolton and York have voted decisively for strike action.

York Newsquest journalists use Data Protection Act

8 May 2009: Journalists at The Press and Gazette and Herald in York have been forced take legal action to find out how well their employer believes they are performing.

Newsquest York industrial action to continue until June

26 March 2009: Journalists working for Newsquest York have given management notice of industrial action every day until the middle of June.

York journalists seek to end Newsquest ownership

26 January 2009: Journalists in York are exploring ways of ending the ownership of the city's papers by a huge American conglomerate.

Printers axed as Newsquest moves work to Trinity Mirror

22 December 2008: MORE than 200 years of York's industrial heritage is to end next year when Newsquest closes The Press's print hall with the loss of 22 jobs.

York journalists address city council about Newsquest cuts

28 November 2008: The City of York Council was yesterday treated to a rundown of Newsquest's cost-cutting strategies.