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Gambia's ex-president must be tried for the murder of journalist and union leader

24 July 2019: Union movement continues to demand the end of impunity and justice for Deyda Hydara

Defending human rights in Gambia

10 July 2014: The All-Party Parliamentary Human Rights Group invites you to a panel discussion in support of civil society and human rights defenders in The Gambia

NUJ member Alieu Ceesay wins fight to stay in the UK

3 August 2011: The NUJ Glasgow Branch member Alieu Ceesay, an asylum seeking journalist, has been allowed to stay in the UK.

Charles Atangana finally receives his refugee papers

5 July 2011: Journalists and asylum campaigners are celebrating the news that NUJ member Charles Atangana has been granted refugee status seven years after he arrived in Britain from Cameroon.

Jailed Gambian journalists receive presidential pardon

4 September 2009: Six Gambian journalists who had been jailed for sedition have been pardoned by the country's president.

Gambia convictions condemned as 'spineless'

7 August 2009: Six journalists in Gambia have been convicted of sedition and face a two-year jail sentence.

Protestors call for free press in Gambia

21 July 2009: Dozens of protestors took part in a demonstration outside the Gambian High Commission in London to call for free speech and a free press in the west African county.

Glasgow journalists to hold vigil for Gambian colleagues

17 July 2009: Journalists in Glasgow will hold a vigil on Monday in support of seven colleagues in Gambia who are standing trial on charges of sedition.Journalists in Glasgow are planning to hold a vigil to support seven colleagues in Gambia who are standing trial on charges of sedition.

Financial appeal launched for Gambian journalists' legal battle

8 July 2009: The NUJ is backing a legal defence fund for seven Gambian journalists, including leaders of the local union, who face charges of sedition for criticising the country's president.

International protests mark Gambian journalists' trial

3 July 2009: The NUJ joined with Amnesty International and the TUC to hand in a letter of protest at the Gambian High Commission in London today.