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NUJ condemns Lobbying Act consultation

22 September 2014: The NUJ's public relations and communications council (PRCC) has condemned the government's latest consultation on how the Lobbying Act will be implemented.

NUJ welcomes Labour's pledge to repeal lobbying act

4 April 2014: The NUJ's Public Relations & Communications industrial council has welcomed the Labour Party's commitment to repeal the lobbying act if it wins power.

Disastrous lobbying bill receives Royal Assent

31 January 2014: The so-called gagging bill, which places new curbs on campaigning during election periods, has become law

Protesters lobby Parliament against anti-trade-union bill

21 January 2014: Lord Monks leads protesters on College Green, Westminster, against the lobbying bill, which will compromise the confidentiality of union membership records.

Last-ditch effort needed in campaign for changes to disastrous lobbying bill

17 January 2014: Despite winning concessions and inflicting a few defeats, pressure must be maintained on peers and MPs as the legislation reaches its final stages

Campaigners welcome pause to lobbying bill

6 November 2013: NUJ says pause must be used to make radical changes to flawed legislation

Lobbying bill will do nothing to clean up the industry, says NUJ council

4 November 2013: As peers debate the lobbying bill, the union calls for amendments to ensure a register which covers all lobbyists

Government amendments to the lobbying bill are inadequate

8 October 2013: The NUJ is opposed to the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill and the government's suggested changes are cosmetic, not substantial.

Congress backs campaigns on workplace bullying, mass surveillance and to scrap the lobbying bill

11 September 2013: NUJ's motions to campaign against workplace bullying and mass surveillance won overwhelming support at TUC Congress.

NUJ backs parliamentary committee's call to scrap "seriously flawed" lobbying bill

5 September 2013: The all-party political and constitutional committee has called for the lobbying bill to be withdrawn, describing it as "seriously flawed".

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