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Going freelance: for staff photographers

13 August 2014: Ideal for professionals turning freelance, or thinking about it.

Going Freelance: for staff photographers, Manchester

13 August 2014: Ideal for professionals turning freelance, or thinking about it.

Special seminar on tax for the self-employed (September)

30 July 2014: Accountancy firm H W Fisher are providing an evening seminar on tax for the self-employed and staff who have recently become freelance.

NUJ denounces Quill Content for paying freelance fee of £5 for 150 words

2 July 2014: John Toner, NUJ freelance organiser, says the rate is a disgrace.

Making journalism pay in the digital age

27 June 2014: An open networking event where people working in all areas of journalism and the media can swap tips and hear expert advice on how to make a living in the digital age.

Chris White receives NUJ Stephen White award 2014

19 June 2014: The award is made in memory of Stephen White, an NUJ member and highly influential science communicator who sadly died in 2010.

Stamp out sexism in science journalism

18 June 2014: Harassment, discrimination and sexist behaviour are still part of the toxic environment women experience, the conference of the Association of British Science Writers heard.

NUJ condemns threat to photographers at Local World

9 June 2014: Staff photographers have been told they face losing their jobs in return for zero-hour contracts,

NUJ denounces freelance fee offered by the Leicester Mercury

29 May 2014: An experienced freelance journalist was asked to cover four days of cricket for a total fee of £150.

NUJ launches new range of professional courses

15 May 2014: Whether you want to learn to build a website, take high-quality pictures on your smartphone, become a video-journalist, travel writer, publish a book or add PR skills to your freelance portfolio, the NUJ can help.

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