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Getting started as a freelance (May 2014)

17 December 2013: A training course for members starting out in freelance.

Pitch and deal (May 2014)

17 December 2013: Freelances need to pitch for work and to do deals. This course will show how to present your work and your ideas and how you might improve on that first offer.

FOI amendment withdrawal "welcome first step"

13 November 2013: NUJ welcomes withdrawal of Freedom of Information Act 2013 amendment regarding multiple charges.

Lock Out commemoration without law reform 'a hypocritical charade'

6 November 2013: The official commemoration of the 1913 Lock Out will be remembered as “a hypocritical charade” if the government commitment to publish legislation on collective bargaining is not honoured by the end of the year.

Finding work and getting paid for it

5 November 2013: A seminar for all freelance and would-be freelance members in Ireland

NUJ declares war on the 'gangsters and chancers'

31 October 2013: An NUJ seminar in Dublin for freelance and student members to find out how to steer clear of the gangsters and chancers who promise but don’t deliver, and learn what the NUJ can do for freelance members who have problems getting paid.

Fighting back - organising for success: how to survive in freelance journalism

25 October 2013: Invitation to students: free seminar on working as a freelance journalist

Pitch & deal show

9 October 2013: You want someone to say yes to your pitch: what can you do to get it noticed?

Fast train to Scotland

25 September 2013: Free training in TV, radio and online by the BBC and Creative Skillset

Fast Train Wales

25 September 2013: Free training by the BBC in television, radio and online

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