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PCC spokesperson promises to listen to LGBT people

25 February 2010: The Press Complaints Commission has promised to listen to the concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people after facing a barrage of criticism for failing to take action on stories that appear discriminatory.

CMS press standards, privacy and libel report welcomed

25 February 2010: The NUJ has described the CMS Press standards, privacy and libel report as the most sweeping investigation of press standards and related issues carried out by parliament this century.

News of the World phone tapping 'irresponsible and dangerous'

9 July 2009: New revelations about illicit phone tapping by the News of the World to gain sensational stories about celebrities show the paper's activities have been "irresponsible and dangerous", the NUJ said.

NUJ defends whistleblower nurse

16 April 2009: A nurse struck off the register for her undercover filming of the mistreatment of the elderly at a Brighton hospital should be applauded, not sacked, the NUJ said.

Report finds newspapers less trusted than banks

9 February 2009: A new report has strongly supported the NUJ's concerns at the effect of industry cutbacks on standards of journalism.

Nick Davies urges journalists to become whistleblowers

24 January 2009: The media owners are responsible for the crisis in the industry and they are incapable of providing the solution, the NUJ's Jobs Summit in London today was told.

MPs urged to back conscience clause for journalists

15 January 2009: Unions are urging UK MPs to give journalists a chance to report more responsibly by refusing unethical instructions from editors.

Judge's comments called 'crime against humour'

27 November 2008: The NUJ's Irish Secretary has called on Supreme Court Judge Adrian Hardiman to apologise after the top judicial figure had referred to Irish female journalists as "cowgirls" during an outburst at an awards ceremony.

London conference hears of challenges facing journalists

29 January 2008: NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear has called on journalists to take a stand on quality journalism, ethics and reporters’ rights.

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