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NUJ calls for regulator independent of Parliament and industry

12 July 2012: The NUJ has roundly rejected the model for a new press regulator set out by Lord Black, dismissing it as a club for editors and proprietors, offering just more of the same.

TUC LGBT conference: Unionised workplaces promote ethical journalism

11 July 2012: Bad journalism can have a significant impact on the lives of LGBT people and other groups of vulnerable workers, Mike Smith told the TUC's LGBT annual conference.

Eric Pickles renews attacks on council newspapers

7 July 2012: Eric Pickles MP, the Communities and Local Government Secretary, has reiterated his determination to stop local councils publishing newspapers, referring to them as "Town Hall Pravdas".

European anti-racism forum brings together over 60 media professionals

16 June 2012: The Media Against Racism in Sport European media forum brought together more than 60 media professionals to focus on ethics and editorial management.

Ethical journalism championed at TUC disabled workers conference

31 May 2012: Delegates at the TUC's 2012 disabled workers conference warmly supported the NUJ's motion on media ethics.

The importance of media diversity and employment standards

6 February 2012: Séamus Dooley presents the NUJ's views on media diversity.

NUJ working with Leveson to protect journalists giving evidence

16 November 2011: The NUJ is working with the Leveson Inquiry team to ensure that journalists who wish to contribute to the Inquiry can give their testimony in confidence, to protect them from retribution by employers.

Stop calling disabled people scroungers

15 November 2011: Disabled people are being demonised in the press as "work shy" and "scroungers" and as a result are facing hostility from the public and in some cases physical attacks.

Labour shadow minister calls for blacklisting of journalists

27 September 2011: Ivan Lewis has argued that journalists found guilty of "gross malpractice" should be "struck off".

Commons hears how NUJ Code is basis for ethical media

22 July 2011: The vital role of the NUJ Code of Conduct in securing media standards was underlined in the Commons debate on the Leveson inquiry by John McDonnell, the secretary of the NUJ Parliamentary Group.

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