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NUJ pushes for conscience clause, independent regulator and defends investigative journalism

4 December 2012: MPs must back the Leveson report's recommendation of a conscience clause for journalists, back a press regulation body that is independent of government and the industry and reject changes to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act and the Data Protection Act.

Leveson Inquiry

3 December 2012: The Leveson Inquiry was set up by David Cameron to examine the culture, practices and ethics of the press. Lord Justice Leveson was asked to examine the relationship of the press with the public, police and politicians. The National Union of Journalist had core participant status at the inquiry.

NUJ looks to Leveson to back conscience clause for journalists

29 November 2012: The National Union of Journalists is urging Lord Justice Leveson to back a conscience clause to safeguard journalists who object to being compelled by their bosses to act unethically in pursuit of a story.

NUJ hails conscience clause for journalists

29 November 2012: The NUJ is pleased the union’s long standing campaign for a conscience clause has been supported by Lord Justice Leveson.

NUJ President rebuts media myths about the union's Leveson work

10 November 2012: In the final NUJ submission to the Leveson Inquiry, the union proposed a system of independent press regulation underpinned by statute.

Public believe most reporting on asylum seekers and refugees is negative

31 October 2012: Journalists should make sure that their coverage of refugees and asylum seekers is fair, after a poll found that 72 per cent of the public believe that newspaper reporting about these groups is negative.

NUJ fringe at the Conservative party conference: What future for the press post-Leveson?

10 October 2012: The crisis in journalism that brought about the Leveson Inquiry was caused by a culture fostered and led by the top and that is why a new regulatory body, independent of the government and industry and with teeth is needed.

DM 2012: Why an ethical press needs trade unions

6 October 2012: Illegal and exploitative practices in the press have flourished because of union derecognition in the 1980s.

DM 2012: Frances O'Grady on why the UK press is not free

5 October 2012: Frances O'Grady, TUC general secretary elect and member of the NUJ addressed DM saying that a tame press is about as useful as an apology from Nick Clegg… or Kelvin MacKenzie.

NUJ at the party conferences: dates for our Leveson fringe meetings

20 September 2012: The NUJ is teaming up with the Hacked Off campaign and the Coordinating Committee for Media Reform to organise fringe meetings at the conferences of the three main political parties in the UK.

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