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Editors condemned for "dirty deal"

28 February 2013: NUJ condemns Government for ignoring journalists as it attempts to cosy up to newspaper publishers who it hopes will return the favour at the next election.

International conference: Strategies for Media Reform

27 February 2013: In the context of multiple crises affecting media systems and cultures across the world, the event will highlight efforts across a range of countries to build vibrant and viable media reform movements.

NUJ boycotts editors' code committee consultation

14 February 2013: The NUJ is boycotting a consultation on the editors' code of practice, chaired by Paul Dacre, editor of the Daily Mail.

Press regulation by Royal Charter is a cop out and doomed to failure

14 February 2013: The NUJ has condemned the Conservative Party's attempt to introduce the Leveson recommendations on press regulation through a royal charter as pointless and doomed to failure.

NUJ Equality Council statement on Julie Burchill article

22 January 2013: The NUJ Equality Council considers that opinion pieces such as the article by Julie Burchill published in the 13 January 2013 edition of the Observer can cause considerable harm to the social groups and individuals featured.

Could Leveson affect press freedom in Ireland?

5 December 2012: Leveson's recommendations on data protection have been largely overlooked – but could have serious implications, writes Seamus Dooley, NUJ Irish Secretary, in

Editors asked if they will be adopting journalist conscience clause

4 December 2012: The National Union of Journalists has written to all national newspapers asking if they will be adopting a conscience clause in journalists' contracts, as recommended by the Leveson report.

NUJ pushes for conscience clause, independent regulator and defends investigative journalism

4 December 2012: MPs must back the Leveson report's recommendation of a conscience clause for journalists, back a press regulation body that is independent of government and the industry and reject changes to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act and the Data Protection Act.

Leveson Inquiry

3 December 2012: The Leveson Inquiry was set up by David Cameron to examine the culture, practices and ethics of the press. Lord Justice Leveson was asked to examine the relationship of the press with the public, police and politicians. The National Union of Journalist had core participant status at the inquiry.

NUJ looks to Leveson to back conscience clause for journalists

29 November 2012: The National Union of Journalists is urging Lord Justice Leveson to back a conscience clause to safeguard journalists who object to being compelled by their bosses to act unethically in pursuit of a story.

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