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IFJ deeply concerned for media safety in Crimea

10 March 2014: Union federations reiterate appeal for all sides involved in the political unrest in Ukraine to respect the rights and freedom of journalists.

Pickles' attack on council papers "more Putin than Pravda"

13 December 2013: New powers, which allow the government to gag local council newspapers from reporting issues such as local hospital closures or HS2, must be resisted.

Union reminds MPs of ethical code of conduct

22 October 2013: Members of parliament (MPs) are going to debate the GCHQ revelations. The NUJ urges MPs to consider previous false claims and the union's code of conduct.

A conscience clause remains essential for journalists and should be added to royal charter, says NUJ

10 October 2013: The National Union of Journalists calls on the coalition government and industry figures to agree to include a conscience clause for journalists in the final version of the royal charter.

Congress backs campaigns on workplace bullying, mass surveillance and to scrap the lobbying bill

11 September 2013: NUJ's motions to campaign against workplace bullying and mass surveillance won overwhelming support at TUC Congress.

Keeping health reporting healthy

27 August 2013: The number of specialist health writers is in decline at the same time as a major reorganisation of the NHS. This campaign aims to find the true picture and support health writers and PRs meet the new challenges.

NUJ defends members working on local council publications

18 July 2013: NUJ chapel member Helen Watson explains why the union is defending its members, describes the reality of working life for journalists and argues the demise of local and regional newspapers has nothing to do with the rise of council publications.

NUJ backs peer's amendment to Defamation bill

22 April 2013: The NUJ Parliamentary Group has called for peers to support an amendment to the Defamation bill that will protect journalists from being gagged by powerful corporations.

NUJ event hears of continuing media homophobia

18 April 2013: An NUJ event on homophobia and transphobia in the media asks - has anything changed since the 1983 Bermondsey by-election?

NUJ calls for defamation bill to be passed with Lords' amendments

18 April 2013: The NUJ has condemned the government for overturning amendments made in the Lords to the Defamation Bill and adding others that back the interests of big business over press freedom.

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