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survey reveals women earn less than male counterparts in broadcasting

30 September 2014: Reports of sexual harassment, examples of "everyday sexism" and career progression stymied after having children were cited in a survey of NUJ members.

The 1984 anti-Sikh pogroms remembered - exhibition

30 September 2014: Special remembrance exhibition to mark the 30th anniversary of the November 1984 anti-Sikh pogroms.

Take me to your leader: the crisis in leadership in BAME Britain - Claudia Jones memorial lecture

18 September 2014: The NUJ Black members council is pleased to inform you that the 2014 NUJ Claudia Jones Memorial Lecture will be given by Patrick Younge.

Updated NUJ race reporting guidelines

4 September 2014: Updated NUJ race reporting guidelines

New NUJ guidelines for reporting on LGBT

2 September 2014: NUJ launches new guidelines for reporting on LGBT for all media workers creating and handling editorial material.

Elitist journalism?

28 August 2014: Elitist Britain?, a government report, finds that journalism has become even more a redoubt of the privileged.

NUJ sticks to its guns on Mooney programme dispute

26 August 2014: The union declines to withdraw a statement criticising the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, following a request from compliance committee member.

Unions demand equality in film

25 July 2014: The entertainment unions have written to British Film Institute Chair Greg Dyke requesting an urgent meeting discuss the organisation’s new diversity plan.

Give women a sporting chance

24 July 2014: MPs' report says sportswomen should not be trivialised by the media and women's sport should get a greater show

Why the NUJ backs Black history month in Scotland

3 July 2014: The NUJ has long campaigned on equality matters and supports organising events during the annual Black history month celebrations across the country.

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