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IFJ slams Egypt for crippling fine for reporting

16 July 2015: IFJ welcomes the removal of the threat of custodial sentences but condemns the decision to replace it with a large fine.

IFJ welcomes release of Ahmed Mansour, Al Jazeera reporter

23 June 2015: Ahmed Mansour has been released from detention in Germany.

Unions show solidarity with striking Egyptian journalists

12 June 2015: The NUJ, IFJ and sister unions hail the action taken by the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate against threats to press freedom and the jailing of journalists.

IFJ calls for the release of journalists sentenced to death and life imprisonment in Egypt

15 April 2015: The NUJ has supported calls by the International Federation of Journalists for the release of 13 journalists sentenced to life imprisonment and one to death in Egypt.

Peter Greste: we must show unity in the fight for a free press

20 February 2015: Freed Al Jazeera journalist tells colleagues how he survived 400 days in jail in Egypt.

Release on bail of Al Jazeera journalists in Egypt welcomed

13 February 2015: The NUJ joined the International Federation of Journalists in welcoming the release from prison of Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed.

Peter Greste will discuss his ordeal at London event

13 February 2015: In his first trip to London after 400 days in jail, Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste will talk about how he managed to get through the ordeal and the wider press freedom campaign. Andy Smith, NUJ joint-president will also be speaking.

NUJ welcomes release of Peter Greste

2 February 2015: But, until the Al Jazeera journalist's colleague are freed, together with a dozen other Egyptian media workers, the campaign must continue

NUJ marks 400 days detention of journalists in Egypt

30 January 2015: Sunday 1 February marks 400 days in jail for journalists Mohamed Fahmy, Baher Mohamed and Peter Greste.

New trial offers hope for Al-Jazeera three

1 January 2015: But NUJ condemns the decision not to grant bail for Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed.

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