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Introduction to Data Journalism, October 2017

1 September 2017: This one-day course organised by the NUJ and London Freelance Branch will cover understanding data and risk, assessing data quality, surveys, data sources such as government and open data, predictions (and how they should generally be avoided), freedom of information, combining and manipulating data, graphing and mapping.

Dark Money, Deep Data

24 August 2017: This Byline Festival event asks with the power of digital profiling and hidden offshore funds, and election rules being flouted and consensus automated,how do journalists investigate these new threats of informational warfare and fight the rise of weaponised fake news?

ABSW Science Journalism Summer School 2017

12 June 2017: This a one-day event will start or reinvigorate your career in science journalism. It will cover pitching and freelancing skills, data and investigative journalism and it will allow for networking and meeting many editors.