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Council publications: Why fix something that isn't broken?

20 March 2014: Member of Parliament and former journalist Alex Cunningham suggests the Secretary of State’s new role would be better described as "Censor in Chief".

Pickles' attack on council papers "more Putin than Pravda"

13 December 2013: New powers, which allow the government to gag local council newspapers from reporting issues such as local hospital closures or HS2, must be resisted.

NUJ defends members working on local council publications

18 July 2013: NUJ chapel member Helen Watson explains why the union is defending its members, describes the reality of working life for journalists and argues the demise of local and regional newspapers has nothing to do with the rise of council publications.

Eric Pickles renews attacks on council newspapers

7 July 2012: Eric Pickles MP, the Communities and Local Government Secretary, has reiterated his determination to stop local councils publishing newspapers, referring to them as "Town Hall Pravdas".

Pickles' council curbs condemned as undemocratic and perverse

11 February 2011: Eric Pickles has published the revised Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity.

MPs back NUJ on council publications

31 January 2011: A committee of MPs has endorsed NUJ opposition to proposals by Eric Pickles, communities minister, to restrict the publication of council-run newspapers and magazines.

Some 'positive news' in Queen's Speech – NUJ President

27 May 2010: The president of the NUJ has said that there is some positive news for NUJ members in the Queen's speech, but he criticised the lack of detail.

UK government rejects special assistance for local media

21 January 2009: There will be no special UK government help for local papers struggling with the double danger of the recession and the internet.