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NUJ says press regulation must include affordable independent arbitration

10 January 2017: Union says the notion that successfully defended cases, brought following journalist investigations and reporting, could still lead to a newspaper having to pay costs for the losing side is not tenable.

NUJ response to recognition of the regulator Impress

25 October 2016: The union welcomed the Press Regulation Panel's decision to recognise another press regulator.

NUJ welcomes Impress application for recognition

20 May 2015: The union has endorsed Impress as an alternative to IPSO as it offers an independent framework to enable ethical journalism and safeguards for all journalists.

NUJ repeats calls for conscience clause as journalists’ ethics discussed in parliament

24 February 2015: The union wants to see any new ethical guidelines introduced at the Telegraph newspaper on advertising and journalistic ethics to be meaningful and include a conscience clause for journalists.

NUJ to raise questions about protection of journalistic integrity at Telegraph

20 February 2015: The introduction of a conscience clause is needed so journalists are not forced to supress news stories.

A conscience clause remains essential for journalists and should be added to royal charter, says NUJ

10 October 2013: The National Union of Journalists calls on the coalition government and industry figures to agree to include a conscience clause for journalists in the final version of the royal charter.

NUJ motions passed at TUC congress 2013

5 September 2013: The NUJ is supporting TUC Congress in Bournemouth with motions on workplace bullying and defending democratic rights.

Turning the page on media sexism

28 June 2013: As the Sun announced it is to continue with Page 3, the NUJ held an event on 27 June to discuss how women are portrayed in the media

The NUJ after Leveson: meeting in London

6 February 2013: What next for press regulation and ethics after the Leveson Inquiry?

Editors asked if they will be adopting journalist conscience clause

4 December 2012: The National Union of Journalists has written to all national newspapers asking if they will be adopting a conscience clause in journalists' contracts, as recommended by the Leveson report.

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