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New models in new media - LIBNM branch meeting

15 February 2019: Can new funding models end the crisis in new media?

Over two hundred jobs cut from BuzzFeed globally

5 February 2019: Last week BuzzFeed made 15 per cent of its workforce redundant

Buzzfeed staff vote against representation by NUJ for collective bargaining

18 July 2018: Chapel said: "BuzzFeed has poured considerable resources into challenging our bid for recognition."

Back BuzzFeed NUJ recognition

19 June 2018: Ballot papers have been posted out to a group of staff at BuzzFeed in a vote for NUJ trade union recognition at work.

Buzzfeed solidarity - NUJ London independent broadcasting and new media branch

14 June 2018: The next branch meeting will be during the Buzzfeed ballot for NUJ recognition. Come along and let's see what we can do to support the members there and encourage a yes vote.

Al Jazeera result: NUJ London independent broadcasting and new media branch

10 May 2018: Hear the latest from Al-Jazeera's pay dispute and the Buzzfeed recognition ballot.

DM feedback/Buzzfeed ballot - NUJ London independent broadcasting and new media branch

17 April 2018: DM delegation will feedback on the event and we'll discuss the imminent ballot on recognition at Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeed – London independent broadcasting and new media branch meeting

21 February 2018: How the branch can support our members at Buzzfeed.

NUJ "hugely disappointed" by lack of consultation over cull at Buzzfeed

22 January 2018: The NUJ chapel at Buzzfeed has supported staff forced to go through a brutal redundancy programme and will support staff who remain.

BuzzFeed jobs cuts "chilling for the whole media industry", says the NUJ

8 December 2017: BuzzFeed is to cut 45 of its 140 staff in London, including 24 journalists who face redundancy.

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